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The right to reside and the right to work.

  • The first is given to any individual by his or her visa issued by the Government. We distinguish many forms of visas/Temporary resident cards (TRC) whose most common are DL (tourism), DT (investor), DN (business visa), LD (work visa), TT (dependent visa), etc.


  • The second is given by either a work permit or a work permit exemption. Generally speaking, a work permit is required for a company staff or an investor who invests less than 3 billion VND. A work permit exemption together with its TRC or DT Visa, since July 2020, is only reachable for larger investors. Kindly note that if your stay/mission is less than 3 months in Vietnam, a simple business visa with 3 months validity will be sufficient to cover both the right to abode and the right to work. If you plan to stay over 3 months and work in Vietnam you will have to start some official procedures to guarantee your eligibility to stay and work here.

PCA Company Services can arrange all the paperwork (letter or experience, university degrees, criminal records, etc.) to help its Clients to stay in Vietnam, please contact us for further information.


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