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Vietnam is a land of opportunities for the ones who understand its intricacies. We’re on the field every day for our Clients. Our methodology is about pragmatism and is calibrated for success. If real solutions to real problems are what you are looking for, PCA Company Services will be your designated business partner.

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Services & Practices Area

Market Entry

Straightforward & affordable as it has never been. Our job is to make hard-to-reach things simpler for you, certainly not make them more complicated. Simply follow our step-by-step guide to get a transparent quotation within minutes and your company incorporated within a month time, guaranteed.

Business Consulting

Managing a business in its entirety can be sometimes difficult. Loaded with academic knowledge and experience learned on the job, PCA consultants will bring you the long awaited piece of advice to help your business. It is about being efficient, it is about making sense and take the right decision.

Legal & Compliance

Compliance is too often put aside but it is truly the heart of any businesses. It has to be managed by professionals together with the company management and with the accountants and tax advisors. We offer a comprehensible offer helping you outsourcing your legal and compliance department to seasoned professionals.

Tax Accounting

We know better than anyone that accounting can be difficult to handle. Vietnam accounting law is different from other ones and is more similar to the Chinese GAAP. Therefore, letting your accounts handled by non-professionals can lead to situations where company liability is at stake.

Audit & Due Diligence

PCA provide specific audit to help your business in term of compliance preparing an inspection from a government agency or just for a routine check. Our audits mainly comprise fields such as human resources, tax accounting, compliance, due diligence. 

Payroll Services

Payroll management has no secret for us. Your human resources are safe with us. We prepare salaries, taxes, provide benefits optimization, manage leaves and holidays, take care of Social Insurances, prepare and issue payslips, etc. Our services comprise a complete outsourcing of your HR department.

Corporate Address

Use our offices to meet your Clients, discuss with your prospects. Our venue is equipped with the latest facilities and technologies. It is located in the heart of District 1 in Ho Chi Minh City in the ward of Dakao. If you want to benefit from a prestigious address and get a home for your company, contact us and register your business today!

Wage Portage

If your business need a service company to cover your labor temporarily or permanently, PCA Company Services is your first choice. We provide wage portage services at affordable rates guaranteeing the success of your venture, the protection of your staffs, and a full flexibility in terms of labor.

Nominee Services

For business owners who incorporate their companies in foreign jurisdictions that want to maintain the confidentiality of the corporate structure and conceal the identity of the business owners, an alternative option offered to these clients is the nominee services. In some cases, the Nominee Director/Shareholder is served as the stand-in for the beneficial owners and they don’t have any control over the businesses unless they have instructions from the business owners to act upon.


PCA offers a full range of licensing legal services ensuring that your business is running legally and safely. As a licensed premise you are regulated by not only the Licensing Authority but also other authorities in relation to health and safety, weights and measures, food safety, trading standards, disability discrimination and door security. Working in conjunction with our regulatory investigations team, our specialist legal advisors can advise on sub-licences such as retail, alcohol trading, logistics, e-commerce, etc.

Trademark Registration

You can register your trademark to protect your brand, for example the name of your product or service. When you register your trade mark, you’ll be able to take legal action against anyone who uses your brand without your permission, including counterfeiters. Put the ® symbol next to your brand – to show that it’s yours and warn others against using it. Sell and license your brand. PCA offers comprehensive IP services including trademark registration.

Crisis Management

PCA offers a full suite of services in strategic crisis preparedness and crisis response. We are there for our clients when crises strike, offering advice and support wherever it is needed; just as importantly, we lead programs for our clients to prepare their people, systems, structures and leaders to face unexpected situations, mainly with staffs and the authorities.

Personal Income Tax

As the Vietnam tax system becomes ever more complex, it’s time to get confident about your tax affairs. Delivered by our national team of private client specialists, the personal tax service uses market-leading technology to help you access the high-quality, tailored personal tax advice you need, at a price you can afford.


In order to remain in Vietnam, one must have the right to stay, typically delivered by a visa or a temporary resident card. To be able to work, one must receive the right to work typically granted by a work permit or a business visa. Immigration such as any other legal matters requires proper planning, strategy and execution.

Real Estate Asset Management

This is where mindful investors meet. We offer a turnkey solutions for all investors purchasing properties in Vietnam. Simply legal, simply lawful so that you can repatriate your cash safely. On top of securing the rent that is the main job of the Asset Manager, we also represent the landlord with all stakeholders.

Our Expertise

Market Entry

Market Entry advisory requires not only legal knowledge but also a deep understanding of business and management in general. Our Clients count on us not only on incorporating a legal entity but also on assisting them and advising them throughout the life of their company. Making sure that your business will run smoothly in terms of tax and compliance is what we do best.

Corporate Services

The specificities of the Vietnamese market is striking compared to what could be experienced in other countries. Being advised and surrounded by the right partners is a key asset to long term value. PCA Company Services is a long term partner who will care for you and your business making sure that you can focus on your core business i.e. what you do best and let us with the rest. 

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Why Clients Choose Us?

PCA Company Services is the most trusted and most reliable Partner in Vietnam when it comes to market entry, business consulting, corporate secretary services (company incorporation, legal, compliance, wage portage, nominee services, …), tax & accounting and payroll management services. We assist local Clients and international businesses in a competitive environment. PCA Company Services acts as a business facilitator, we enable individuals, groups and organizations to work more effectively; to collaborate with the local actors and authorities to achieve synergies.

We can assist Clients at all stages of their market entry and expansion in Vietnam. We offer world-class Clients business advisory, incorporation and outsourcing services enabling them to focus on their core business functions without dealing with the legal, accounting, tax and administrative aspects of their company. If your business does not require setting up a company, our other services such as audit, staffing, investors’ services, sourcing, corporate secretary and compliance services will be your point of entry into the promising Vietnamese market.

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    Words From Clients

    • Why would anyone hire an average accountant who will never have any kind of responsibility in case of malpractice, when you can hire a professional firm with a dedicated team of professionals for a fraction of the price of having the same people in-house. The choice to go with PCA was no brainer. On top of that, they have been immensely helpful and patient since the first day.

      Sebastian Grasco
    • We gave the tax token of our company to PCA and their teams over a year ago and since then, we have been helped and advised like never before. Consultancy sessions are short, straight to the point and truly actionable. As a business owner I cannot recommend PCA more because of their deep market knowledge and insightful recommendations that translate into considerable resources savings.
      Tom N. Farley
    • It is very difficult to work with local partners as most Vietnamese accountants cannot communicate properly in English with our teams. Having the PCA team really helps us to understand the Vietnamese generally accepted accounting principles. Even with a education in Finance, understanding the local law and applying it would have made my journey considerably longer to the risk of loosing the momentum for our business. In the long run, PCA helped us achieved substantial savings by making us understand the rules of the market.
      Cung Duyen

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